Information-Packed DMM Advisory

The USPS has sent out a DMM Advisory with a ton of changes and clarifications, which have been published today in the Domestic Mail Manual.  Take a look at these items, which are directly taken from the Advisory itself:

New Preparation Option for Automation Letters
We revised 235.6.6 and 245.7.5 to allow mailers preparing automation First-Class Mail or Standard Mail letters to place overflow pieces in the front or back of trays at the next sort level, instead of making separate overflow trays. Overflow pieces must remain grouped by destination.

Confirm Service
We revised 503.13.2.3 and 13.3.1 to clarify the barcode standards for Confirm service. We also revised 503.13.4 to reference the preshipment notification, which enables entry scans for Destination Confirm.

Caller Service and Reserve Caller Numbers
We revised 508.5.0 to clarify the application process and fees for Caller Service and Reserve Caller numbers. Customers who use Caller Service pick up their mail at a Post Office call window or loading dock in lieu of delivery.

Labeling Lists
We revised the labeling lists to reflect changes in mail processing operations.

Our next scheduled DMM update is July 3.

New Barcode Requirement for Priority Mail Open and Distribute Servic
Today the Federal Register published our new mailing standards [PDF] | [HTML] requiring concatenated UCC/EAN Code 128 barcodes with a unique Service Type Code on all Priority Mail Open and Distribute container labels. The new standards are effective July 1, 2008. Priority Mail Open and Distribute provides an option for mailers to expedite their mail to destination postal facilities using Priority Mail service.

The DMM Advisory is an awesome email communication that comes directly from the Postal Service.  To subscribe to the DMM Advisory, send an e-mail to Simply indicate “subscribe” in the subject line.

Let me know if you have any questions about these changes and clarifications.  Our WBI software systems already support Confirm Service and Priority Mail Open and Distribute Service.

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