USPS Technical Guide Commentary

Although the comment period for the recent Intelligent Mail Federal Register Notice has ended, the USPS is still taking comments on all of the Technical Guides posted at USPS’ RIBBS site

These guides include:

  • Guide to Electronic Documentation and Appointments for Full-Service Mailings (pdf)
  • PostalOne! System Mail.dat Technical Guide for Full-Service (pdf)
  • Wizard Web Service Software Development Reference Guide (pdf)
  • Full Service FAST Web Services Technical Guide (pdf)

Anyone who has a stake in Intelligent Mail needs to review these guides, and “speak now or forever hold your peace”.  The Guides are being reworked and edited as feedback comes in. 

Comments can be sent via this official USPS form:

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns that you would like brought back to USPS leadership,

Best wishes,