About Me: Norine Butte, Sr. MGR Marketing – Communications

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Window Book, Inc. is pleased to announce that Ms. Norine Butte, PhD. has joined our WBI Corporate Team as Sr. Manager in Marketing & Communications. “Window Book intends to continue to educate and enable our clients to profitably utilize all the latest developments at the US Postal Service. Norine has the industry knowledge and ability to communicate how mailers can best stay ahead in the ever changing mailing world,” said Jeffery Peoples, Window Book’s CEO.

Norine brings a wealth of postal and direct mail industry knowledge, hands-on-management experience and fortitude with Marketing and Business Development for the Standard and First- Class commercial mail providers and mail owners; as well as hands-on project-account management and operations of large and mid-size letter-shops, print facilities, and US Postal regulations and relations.

Since 2005, Norine has served as an Executive Association Representative of the USPS Postmaster Generals Mailers Technical Advisory Committee for (NASML) National Alliance of Standard Mailers & Logistics. Prior to 2005, Norine had actively participated with MTAC workgroups since 2001. This collective group of commercial mailing industry professionals work hand-in-hand with workgroup object identified processes and the senior level of the USPS; in order to safeguard, create and implement USPS policy on-behalf of our commercial mailing industry.

About Window Book: http://windowbook.com/ [Window Book] has helped clients manage their mailing and shipping operations more profitably since 1989.  A leader in http://www.windowbook.com/Products/SoftwareforMailing.aspx [mailing software] and http://www.windowbook.com/Products/SoftwareforShipping.aspx [shipping software] for lettershops, corporate mailers, service bureaus, and mail owners. Window Book’s best-in-class postal solutions include: Mail.dat, Full Service Intelligent Mail, PostalOne!, FAST; Priority Mail Open and Distribute, MAC Gold Manifest Shipping Systems, post-presort data management, postage statements, Intelligent Mail container labels, postage accounting, USPS Confirm service, and system integration options.

Contact information: Sooyoung Han shan@windowbook.com

Marketing Dept. 617-395-4573