MTAC Marketing Work Group #126 Starting.

MTAC  Work Group # 126 – Growing Marketing Mail

Issue Title:  Growing Marketing Mail                                               

Issue Statement:  Define Opportunities for Marketing Mail Growth

Impact on Other Issues/Procedures

This new initiative will affect and require changes to current business processes. Some of the impacted organizations or functional areas are identified as, but not limited to:

Business Mail Acceptance – current acceptance and verification process

  1. Mailing Standards and Preparation – current regulation assessment and development of new requirements

  2. USPS Mail Processing Operations – current preparation to processing assessment, business process integrity, data collection / management, and exception reporting

  3. Shipping and Mailing Services – new products or services

Desired Results: The workgroup will focus on the following:

Identify opportunities to grow Marketing Mail volume

  1. Identify and eliminate obstacles that hinder Marketing Mail growth

  2. Develop products or services that make mail more valuable and attractive to business customers