Announcing CoPal Program for Deeper Drop Ship Discounts

Are you concerned that too much of your mail is going at the lowest Origin-based U.S. Postage rates?  

Are you looking for ways to improve your revenue stream while at the same time decrease labor and operational costs?

Are you currently utilizing our program to optimize drop ship USPS entry discounts?

If so, LOOK NO FURTHER.  We at Window Book have GREAT NEWS for you – We have launched new support for a pilot program called CoPal that is offered by ALG Worldwide Logistics, provider of co-palletization and destination entry services.

Running your Freight Table:  Apply the freight plan process to the selected SCF destination facilities using the freight table provided by ALG.

Announcing CoPal Program for Deeper Drop Ship Discounts

CoPal is a pilot copalletization program for processing Standard Letter mail that will enable you to profit from bigger Drop Ship discount for entries to approximately 334 USPS Sectional Center Facilities (SCFs):

Palletize your files for SCF discounts – a minimum of ONE tray allowed!

Run a supplied Freight Table for approximately 334 SCF destinations

Participate and Save on Drop Ship Discounts:

All DAT-MAIL Toolbox clients can participate in this CoPal program by working with ALG Logistics to save money gained from deeper discounts.

If you are already using DAT-MAIL Editor, simply upgrade to DAT-MAIL Toolbox which includes this money saving CoPal program with Palletization and full Freight Planning functionality.

For more information on CoPal, please call 800-524-0380 or email

DO NOT DELAY!!  Here is your golden opportunity to implement and save revenue gained from deeper U.S. Postal Discounts.

By Jeffery Peoples, CEO & Founder, Window Book, Inc