Get Your Ad Mail to the Door Fast – Express Mail Open and Distribute

New Way to Get Your Ad Mail to the Door Fast – Express Mail Open and Distribute

December 2, 2008

Window Book’s shipping software, Postal Package Partner, now supports USPS® Express Mail Open and Distribute for expedited overnight service.

Express Mail Open and Distribute is an alternative solution for business mailers to send other classes of mail to destination postal facilities overnight. It allows you to send trays or sacks of letters, flats and small parcels to BMC, SCF, and DDU. The mail is prepared according to standards for the enclosed class of mail and presented at a postal acceptance unit for speedy delivery. When you have time-sensitive letters or parcels which must be delivered on the next day, Express Mail Open and Distribute service will ensure you from meeting those deadlines on time.

Mailers can use Postal Package Partner, a shipping and manifesting software, to print shipping labels with barcodes for Express Mail Open and Distribute service, use permits to process postage, and transmit electronic files to the USPS. They can also use USPS Confirmation service to track the delivery of the trays to the USPS facilities to track their items and manage their marketing campaigns. 

“It is vital for time-sensitive offers such as coupons, advertisements and other direct mailpieces to be delivered on time to their consumers. Express Mail Open and Distribute helps you target the delivery dates, so you can schedule call centers and follow up on marketing campaigns in a timely manner”, said Jeffery Peoples, CEO of Window Book.

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