Postal Package Partner(Tm) subscribers USPS Rate Price Statements Change January 18 2009

Attention Postal Package PartnerTM subscribers:
1. Mandatory Program Update Available For Download
2. What’s New?
3. Need Tech Support?

1. Mandatory Program Update Available For Download
In order to maximize your PPP System, please update to the latest PPP version today and start taking advantage of the latest Enhancements designed to make your Shipping Operations more efficient!

2. What’s New?
A. Applied Mandatory Postage Prices & Statements Effective January 18, 2009
This update includes the USPS Mandatory Postage Price & Postage Statement Changes Effective January 18th 2009! Prevent last minute stress by updating early – it’s not necessary to wait until January 18th! The Postage Prices are determined by the Date of Mailing you are creating your packages on. For dates prior to January 18th, the current prices will automatically be calculated. If you create a package with a date of mailing after January 18th, the NEW Postage Prices will automatically be calculated.

B. Added NEW Commercial Plus Pricing Tier for Priority Mail & Express Mail:
USPS is adding a NEW Price Category, Commercial Plus, which will provide High-Volume Shippers up-front discounts and will be lower than Commercial Base Prices. The NEW Commercial Plus Prices are available to existing Priority Mail Permit Imprint Customers who shipped more than 100,000 pieces in the previous year (approx. 400/packages per day) or shipped more than 600 PMOD Containers (Priority Mail Open & Distribute) in the previous year. Express Mail Commercial Pricing is available to Manifest Customers who shipped more than 6,000 pieces in the previous year.
Important: If you are eligible for Commercial Plus Based Pricing based upon the above criteria, after updating, go to File > System Setup > Mailer Configuration. Click on the Manifesting Tab and change the “new” Commercial Rate Type Field to “Commercial Plus”.

C. Implemented NEW Smaller Priority Mail Flat-Rate Box:
USPS is introducing a NEW Smaller Priority Mail Flat-Rate Box on January 18th, 2009. This new box is priced the same as the Flat-Rate Envelope and provides an excellent option for customers mailing smaller items.

D. Improved Maintenance of Addressee Listing:
In response to Customer Requests, we have added the ability to tag & delete multiple addresses in the Addressee List. This will give Users the ability to more efficiently maintain their Addressee Database.

E. Added Ability To Mail Express Mail Open & Distribute:
We have added the ability to mail Express Mail Open & Distribute Items. This functionality requires the Open & Distribute Module.

3. Need Tech Support?
How to get support
In order to speed up the process and enable Window Book to provide you with the best possible technical support, please use the following procedure (which will automatically send us a lot of helpful technical information about your software & account, put your incident right into our tech. support queue and will automatically document everything for future reference):

1. Open your Postal Package Partner software program.
2. “Click on Help”, “Get support…”, “Submit a question online”
3. Log into the Support Portal by typing in your Name & E-Mail Address
4. In the details box, enter as much information as possible about what you are experiencing regarding exactly what’s happening, when it happens, any errors, etc.

Note: if you are unable to open your Postal Package Partner program, you may submit a technical support incident/question by clicking the “Customer Support” icon at

We are dedicated to using our many years of industry expertise in increasing the efficiency of your Shipping Operations. If you have any suggestions on features that you would like to see implemented in a future version of Postal Package Partner, please let me know by e-mailing me at


Teresa Tabor
Window Book, Inc.