What You Don’t Know About Intelligent Mail – eDoc – CAT and Parallel Testing USPS Approval Process?

How are your customers doing with getting their postal docs submitted electronically (eDocs)?

Please remind them if they want to get going with Intelligent Mail Full Service it’s wise to be in the process of getting approved for eDoc submission with PostalOne! now instead of waiting.


You need to get tested and approved
In order to participate in Full Service Intelligent Mail, you need to:
– Get your Mailers ID(s)
– Get your PostalOne! user ID and password
– Be approved in Customer Acceptance Testing (CAT)
– Be approved in parallel testing

Window Book can help
The Window Book team is fully prepared to help mailers comply with the USPS Intelligent Mail system, including helping them with getting Mailers IDs, registering for PostalOne!, completing Customer Acceptance Test (CAT) and parallel testing, and training them on ways to optimize their system.

eDocs Expressway gets you going with PostalOne! eDocs
Window Book’s “eDocs Expressway” service can help mailers efficiently set up a PostalOne! eDocs system
with getting Mailer IDs, PostalOne! registration, and completing Customer Acceptance Test (CAT) and
parallel testing.

Request a no cost consultation regarding the eDocs Expressway now.

If you have any questions on how to use this service, please call 800-524-0380 or
email mailto:sales@windowbook.com?subject=eDocs Expressway


J. Jeffery Peoples
CEO and Founder
Window Book, Inc.



Please feel free to forward this link, eDocs Expressway, to other colleagues that would like assistance getting going with PostalOne! eDocs.