WindowBook Postal Experts can help you with eDocs for PostalOne! system

In order to participate in Intelligent Mail Full Service you need to submit your Postage Statements and Mailing Documents electronically (eDocs) using the USPS® PostalOne!® system.

The good news is DAT-MAIL supports PostalOne! Mail.dat and Web Services now for transmitting eDocs and scheduling drop shipments with FAST.  DAT-MAIL will support Mail.XML 6 after it is released in fall 2009.

Your Next Step to go live with eDocs
In order for you to take advantage of DAT-MAIL’s support for the PostalOne! system, you must first register with USPS PostalOne!  Then, you have to complete your CAT (Customer Acceptance Test) and parallel test before being accepted by the U.S. Postal Service to go live with eDocs.

Avoid the hassle and let Window Book’s postal experts do the work for you.
All of these procedures including getting PostalOne! User ID and going through CAT and parallel testing can take months.

In effort to facilitate you in preparing for USPS PostalOne! and Intelligent Mail Full Service, Window Book has set up eDocs Expressway to:

– Get your Mailers ID(s)
– Get your PostalOne! user ID and password
– Be approved in CAT (Customer Acceptance Testing) – uploading data to PostalOne!
– Be approved in parallel testing – transmitting USPS Postage Statements, 3602, 3602N, 3600R, etc.,
  in both traditional hard copy printouts and electronic format of uploading the file to PostalOne!

Request a no cost consultation regarding the eDocs Expressway now.
Your success is our success.

Thank you for your business and we wish you a prosperous New Year!


J. Jeffery Peoples
CEO and Founder
Window Book, Inc.