USPS PAVE Recertification for DAT-MAIL and Post Master

January 22, 2009, Cambridge, MA

On January 14th the USPS has recertified Window Book’s mailing software, DAT-MAIL and Post Master, for their Postage Statement Facsimiles in PAVE Cycle J.

Mailers can use DAT-MAIL and Post Master to easily generate Postage Statements for Periodicals, First-Class, Standard Mail, Package Services, International Mail, and Drop Shipment (3541, 3600-R, 3602-N, 3602-R, 3602-C, 3605, 3700, and 8125s) and other USPS forms.

“Our Postage Statements are in a concise format so mailers use less paper to print the same form. They are easier to read without printing zero pieces for all the possible mail rates in a USPS version of the forms. DAT-MAIL enables mailers to save money by reducing the amount of paper they print and reducing their paper storage costs.  You can generate Postage Statements with only the mailing rates claimed – as opposed to the full multi-page USPS statements, which can take many more pages for the same mailing,” said Jeff Peoples, Window Book’s CEO.

About PAVE:  The PAVE (Presort Accuracy, Validation, and Evaluation) program is a process designed in cooperation with the mailing industry to evaluate presort software and determine its accuracy in sorting address files according to Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) standards.