USPS PS 6014 Move Update Verification Form Not Official Document.

The MTAC workgroup has NOT been finalized yet, but this is the statement to date:  There maybe changes with the final meeting!!!

As expected the Postal Service has determined that PS Form 6014 is not to be considered an official USPS document and will neither be requested nor recognized as evidence of Move Update compliance. The form has already been pulled from the USPS WEB Sites and the Postal Service will, within the next two weeks, notify the all BMEU’s and DMU clerks that there shall be no such thing as a 6014 form and they should not ask for one nor hold anyone responsible for not having one.

Further, the USPS confirmed its position that Move Update verification will be used to determine Move Update Compliance and that any failures will be treated just like any other verification detected errors/failures such as presort or barcode errors.  The presenter will have the same options available to them as will any other failure.  The presenter can opt to take the mail back and fix it, or pay the additional postage.  The presenter will have the option to appeal either before mailing or pay the higher rate and appeal after.  The appeal process will be similar to the appeal process presently in place for MERLIN failures.

Postal management holds the view that the form was never intended to serve as a transfer of liability from the entity paying the postage and it is that entity that will be held accountable for any deficiencies. In spite of recent postal documentation that suggests the contrary, the USPS’ position is that the 6014’s only purpose was to serve as a uniform agreement between mail preparers and their clients for the sole purpose of assisting the preparer collect any additional postage assessments from the client. That is, it was intended as an agreement between the preparer and the client and did not in any way change the obligations between the postage payer and the USPS.