USPS® Mailer IDs (MID) Do you have yours? Do your client’s?


USPS® Mailer IDs (MID) Do you have yours? Do your client’s?

Many mailers already have the Mailer ID(s) they need, but if you do not, now is the time to get them.  a really simple to use site, that doesn’t cost anything. It explains what you need to know about getting USPS Mailer IDs and automatically fills in the application forms, so you can print and submit to the USPS. As you may know, the Mailer ID is a unique 6 or 9 digit code issued by the Postal Service.

It is required in all USPS Intelligent MailTM barcodes and is used by the Postal Service to identify the Mail Owners and /or Mail Providers. You can lean more at . Save time and easily apply for your Mailer ID now. In a effort to help mailers get their Mailer ID, Window Book has set up a Complimentary website that helps you or anyone you know in the industry apply for USPS Mailer ID(s).

It is Complimentary and a time-saving online automated application form filler that you can use to easily print the application for Mailer IDs (MID). Simply enter your basic information and print all the forms and instructions needed in a professional manner.

Share this information! Please feel free to forward to your colleagues so they can learn and simply apply for USPS Mailer ID Today! Your partners and associates may need to apply for MIDs, also. They will appreciate that you have pointed out to them. It will definitely help them save time to get the MIDs they need to participate in Intelligent Mail.

Feel free to share with your clients, internal and external newsletters, and industry blogs, associations, groups!!


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