“How to Fuel Your Business Growth with Mail.dat” DFW Mailers Assoc and NASML bring you!!


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The DFW Mailers Association has been in existence for over 25 years. It is the only known group in the United States consisting of a wide selection of commercial mail owners and providers, data, equipment, logistic, presort bureaus and printing industries companies, etc. This all-encompassing industry principals and senior management meet monthly over a working interactive dinner with the invited USPS SW Area – Region and District (s) Level Executive Staff from USPS mail processing plants, BSN, BUM, Sales and Marketing in order to review, discuss, and assimilate systemic industry and USPS issues, changes, challenges, ideas and suggestions. Nowhere else in the country has this been successful, especially for this long. Others throughout the country have tried to bring industry competitors and customers alike, into the same venue to break bread with a variety of USPS® executives, on a consistent basis, but they have not been successful.