USPS MOVE UPDATE Noncompliance Charges Postponed

Standard Mail Move Update Postponed – DMM ADVISORY -03-27-09

We filed an amended notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission to postpone the Move Update noncompliance charge for Standard Mail and to adjust our prices for Confirm service.

We extended implementation of the Standard Mail Move Update noncompliance charge from May 11, 2009, to January 4, 2010. The charge applies to Standard Mail mailings that fail to fully comply with the Move Update standards. Delaying implementation allows extra time to provide our Standard Mail customers with additional feedback from our new postage verification systems, but does not relieve mailers of their obligation to comply with the Move Update standard if they intend to claim automation or Presort prices.

The new Move Update verification procedures will not be used to assess additional postage for First-Class Mail or Standard Mail at the time of mailing until January 2010.  However, as noted above, customers are still required to comply with the Move Update standards in the DMM.

We will not begin to collect additional postage on May 11, 2009 as originally announced. The extension deadline has not yet been determined. During the interim, we will evaluate the data collected from our verifications and review our policies.

The current policy for acceptance will continue until further notice. Mailers will still be expected to declare a Move Update method on the postage statement. FCM mailers who cannot declare a method are not eligible for the FCM discount prices. We will continue to work with Standard Mail mailers to come into compliance as we have been doing since November 2008.

The threshold for the PostalOne Move Update verification will remain at 30% for the time being. The PostalOne system release scheduled for May 11 is being developed to enforce the Move Update verification and the 30% threshold. Effective May 11, it will be necessary for acceptance clerks to select “Accept after rework” for any mailings that fall below the 30% threshold. We will not request or collect additional postage except as noted above for FCM mailers who cannot declare a Move Update method. This will be communicated in the PostalOne! May 11 release 20.0 training webinars.