Announcing Tom Taylor, VP Logistics and Distribution Systems, Window Book Inc,

Tom Taylor Joins Window Book as the VP of Logistics and Distribution Systems

June 18, 2009, Cambridge, MA

Window Book is pleased to announce Tom Taylor as the VP of Logistics and Distribution Systems.

Tom will be responsible for helping printers and lettershops improve their transportation, drop ship, and freight planning.  Some mailers are still not optimizing USPS drop ship entry discounts and do not have Palletization or Freight Planning functionality in their software.  For mailers who are shipping their jobs at origin-based USPS postage rates, Tom will be able to help them improve their revenue while reducing labor and operational costs by introducing DAT-MAIL mailing software.

DAT-MAIL mailing software includes many features that printers and lettershops can benefit from for transportation and drop ship logistics:  Entry View, Quick Plan, Palletization, CoPal for copalletization, Freight Planning analysis, and Destination Data Distribution System for automatic database updates to the FAST destination data.  Compared to other post presort mailing software which requires multiple modules to import, palletize and optimize discounts, DAT-MAIL has proven its versatility and speed with easy to use enhanced functionality within one program.

Prior to joining Window Book, Tom served as the Managing Partner for Postal Logistics Services where he developed Copal for tray mail and designed USPS Drop Ship Management System and Warehouse Management software for their customers.  He also worked at RR Donnelley as a National Accounts Rep where he developed operations and customer service systems.

‘Window Book will continue to work with our clients to help them lower their operational costs while meeting their individual needs.  Tom’s industry experience and knowledge will help mailers examine their current operational methods and find ways to save money to thrive in this tough economy,” said Jeffery Peoples, Window Book’s CEO.

About Window Book:

Window Book has helped clients manage their operations more profitably since 1989.  A leader in mailing and shipping software for lettershops, corporate mailers, service bureaus, and mail owners.   Window Book’s best-in-class postal solutions include: Intelligent Mail Full Service, eDocs, Mail.XML, FAST, Bound Printed Matter, Express Mail and Priority Mail Open and Distribute, New Commercial Plus rates, eVS, Mail.dat®, post-presort data management, entry planning, drop shipping, postage accounting, postal documentation & statements, meter and stamp management, delivery confirmation, manifesting shipping system, and PostalOne!