USPS Holds Innovation Symposium at MTAC

At last week’s MTAC meetings, things were a little different than normal.  Instead of a lot of committee and workgroup updates on the first day (Wednesday), the USPS requested that the MTAC membership and attendees break out into separate workgroups to focus on USPS innovation for the future.  There were 10 separate groups all tasked with the same thing:  bringing innovative ideas to the attention of the USPS for consideration and implementation.  All 10 groups ranked their top 3 ideas and presented them to the rest of the MTAC attendees.  These 30ish (not every group had 3) ideas were captured and sent around for everyone to vote on with the goal being a Top 3 list for the USPS to act and report on. 

Unfortunately, the Top 3 list was not available before we broke the meetings on Thursday, but as soon as it’s available, I’ll post it here.  In the meantime, check out the list of top ideas we voted on:

Symposium Results – Page 1

Symposium Results – Page 2

Symposium Results – Page 3


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