PMG Donahoe Announces Organization Changes

The new Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe announced a new USPS® organizational structure on Friday, January 7, 2011. The goal is to have a flatter, leaner structure to be more efficient. Some of the changes include:

  • Developing both market dominant and competitive products is now the responsibility of one office, the Vice President of Domestic Products. Where those products are sold–in retail, on-line, or in alternate spaces—become the responsibility of the Vice President of Channel Access.
  • All customer interaction and support, whether for large corporations, small businesses, or individual consumers, will be the responsibility of the Vice President of Consumer and Industry Affairs. The Consumer Advocate remains a vital part of customer service and will report to this officer.
  • The engineering technology and systems that keep mail moving and prepare the Postal Service for the future of mail, including Intelligent Mail®, will become an integral part of the Information Technology Department.
  • All human resources functions will be led by the Chief Human Resources Officer, supported by the Vice Presidents of Labor Relations and Employee Resource Management.
  • We will continue our leadership role in greening the Postal Service and the mailing industry with the creation of a Chief Sustainability Office, reporting to the Deputy Postmaster General. As we push to improve our profitability through cross-functional initiatives, a strategy team within the Finance Department will play a primary role in coordinating these efforts.

Donahoe also announced the closure of the Southeast Area Office. All previous Southeastern Districts will now report to the Southwest Area Office, with two exceptions: The Tennessee District will report to the Eastern Area and the Atlanta District will report to the Capital Metro Area.

The announcement also mentioned that some organizations will not continue under the officer structure that was announced, and that this information would be shared as appropriate. The announcement also indicated that a larger process of streamlining the organization is underway, including the closure of some Districts. The USPS plans to use Reduction in Force (RIF) and Voluntary Early Retirement (VER) processes as part of this initiative, which should begin by the end of the current fiscal quarter.

For an updated listing of the USPS officers, log on to the Postal Leadership area of the USPS web site, where an updated organization chart is also available.