Postal Service to File Price Increase Request Today

Mailing industry leaders met with USPS PMG Pat Donahoe this morning where he announced that the Postal Service plans to file an inflation-based price increase request this afternoon.  The proposed implementation date will be April 17, 2011. 

They will seek an overall increase of 1.741% increase.

First-Class Mail will see an overall increase of 1.7%, but the $0.44 Forever stamp will remain unchanged.

Standard Mail will also see a 1.7% increase.  Letters will go up by 1.8%.  Flats will go up 0.8%.  The big hit in Standard are Parcels and NFMs, which will go up 11.3%.

USPS officials also announced that the May 2011 implementation date for switching to Intelligent Mail barcodes to qualify for automation rates is being pushed back, however, no new date has been announced yet.

More to follow after the filing!

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