USPS to Extend Mobile Barcode Discount Promotion to Non-Profit Mailers

Although the Postal Service has not formally announced this yet, the FAQs document about the Mobile Barcode Promotion has been updated to reflect that non-profit mail will be eligible to take advantage of the 3% mobile barcode discount as long as all other requirements of the program are met.  This information was also confirmed by several employees of the USPS on an MTAC User Group 1 teleconference this morning.  They also let everyone on the call know that formal announcement of this is expected sometime next week.

The below Q&A is copied directly from page 3 of the most recent FAQs document:

14.  Is non-profit mail eligible for the promotion?

A.  Yes, non-profit mail is eligible for this promotion discount, as long as all other program requirements are met.

To get all the details about the Mobile Barcode Promotion and download a copy of the most recent FAQs document, visit:

Also discussed on the MTAC call this morning was that there will be a call this afternoon between the USPS and members of MTAC to discuss and clarify issues concerning commingled mailings and their participation in this program.

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