USPS Clarifies Commingling for Mobile Barcode Promotion

One of the hottest topics related to the USPS Mobile Barcode Promotion is the issue of whether commingled, combined and co-mail mailings can participate and take advantage of the 3% discount during July and August.  Yesterday afternoon the USPS met with representatives from the mailing industry and worked out the details on this issue.  Here is the updated information taken directly from page 2 of the latest USPS FAQs document:

10. If my mail is commingled, combined or part of a co-mailing can I participate?

A: The scope of this promotion includes only mobile barcode mailings supported by a single postage statement. First-Class Mail and Standard commingled, combined and co-mail mailings (including MLOCR mailings) may only qualify for the Mobile Barcode promotion if all of the pieces commingled in the mailing have mobile barcodes or if the mailings include multiple clients (or versions) , but have separate postage statements generated by client (or version) that contain mobile barcode. Commingled, combined and co-mail mailings which do not separate mobile barcode mailings in separate postage statements from non-mobile barcode mailings, are not eligible for the discount.

Individually presented and accepted mailings that are later copalletized are eligible for the Mobile Barcode Promotion. This includes Standard Mail copalletized trays when the mailings are individually presented for acceptance and then copalletized.

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