Reminder of Mandatory PostalOne! Update

Just a friendly reminder to make sure you download and install the new PostalOne! software update once it becomes available this Sunday, July 14!

If you submit mailing jobs to PostalOne!, you will need to update this software in order to submit your jobs starting on Monday, July 15.

This is a mandatory software update from PostalOne! which will support the new postage statements which take effect on July 28, 2013.

These updates may be downloaded from the Business Customer Gateway. Keep in mind that if you use PostalOne! for both testing and production, you will need to download both the Test Environment for Mailers (TEM) software and the Production software. The TEM software update will not be available for downloading until after 3:00 pm CT on Monday, July 15.

Once you have downloaded and installed these updates, make sure that any other software applications that may interface with PostalOne!, such as Window Book’s eDocs Manager, also get updated and any configuration changes made so that they can communicate successfully with the new PostalOne! software.

Also keep in mind that PostalOne! will not be available for a period of time while the USPS performs this update, so you may need to alter your mailing processes to work around this planned outage. The USPS provides notifications about these updates and PostalOne! outages via their DMM Advisory, so if you do not already receive these email notices, you should sign up by sending an email to

Please refer to our June 27, 2013 Postal Concierge eTip for more details about this mandatory software update.