Become More Efficient using Mail.dat®

As mailers and mail service providers face tighter turnaround times and rapidly approaching in-home delivery dates, they are constantly looking for ways to become more efficient and get the mail processed and submitted to the Postal Service™ faster than ever before.  One sure way to help improve efficiency and increase your chances of hitting those in-home dates is by incorporating the use of Mail.dat files into your processing.

When your customers give you their presort data in Mail.dat file format, you can reduce the cost and time it takes to process the associated postal paperwork by as much as eighty-three percent over manual data entry. With Mail.dat and the appropriate Post-Presort software, mailers report that two people can now accomplish what they formerly needed twelve people to do.  Free up your most valuable assets—your employees—to be able to concentrate on other value-added services for your company and your customers.  Also, with the right post-presort software you can edit Mail.dat files and easily generate professional postage statements for all of your mailings.

With Mail.dat, mailers can not only generate postage statements that actually reflect a day’s mailing, but they are also in a better position to deal quickly with last-minute changes or circumstances.  Say, for example, that you do not get the final counts on a mailing until the end of the day.  With Mail.dat, you can tag only what is going to be mailed that day, and print the appropriate statements.  If last-minute work comes in, the software adapts to changes in the hardware configurations or schedules in order to get jobs out or make last-minute changes.  Another classic example is changing the piece weight after the presort is complete because the original weight used was just an estimate.  This happens all the time and is easily handled by using Post-Presort software to edit the Mail.dat files before printing the postage statements or other required reports, saving you countless hours having to re-run the presort job.

Without Mail.dat, you would never be able to process statements in time for postal verification.  Not only is it more efficient than non-Mail.dat processing, but it also allows you the speed and flexibility to deal with increasing volumes, which often come in the form of last-minute jobs.  When done by hand, processing statements for postal verification may not occur fast enough to get the mail out the door in time.  Mailers need to be able to accept these jobs to keep existing customers or capture new business, and Mail.dat makes it possible to meet seemingly impossible in-home deadlines on last-minute jobs with speed and accuracy.