USPS: Americans Still Love Mail

Today, we can communicate to each other by the touch of a button, using our cellphones to make a quick phone call, writing a text, or sending an e-mail. But according to a new report, Americans still love getting mail hand-delivered.

The report from the U.S. Postal Service found Americans want the post office to stay exactly the way it is. Even though the agency is currently in a financial bind, residents still love sending and receiving letters.

Many people we spoke with had varying opinions as to why they love getting mail. Some say it keeps them informed, while others say it’s always an exciting mystery as to what will be inside the mailbox or P.O. Box.

When you do get a special letter or card, U.S. Postal Service spokesperson Sue Litterly calls it the “mail moment.”

“When you go to your mailbox and you’ve got a card and it’s from someone that you care about, it really makes your day,” Litterly said. “It’s nice to get those cards in the mail. It’s nice to know that someone took that extra time to stop and pick something out just for you.”

The inspector general’s office asked 101 people in 10 focus groups nationwide, and only two people said they wouldn’t be negatively affected if the post office closed in five years.

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