Full-Service Certified MSPs / Mail Owner Information Sheet

Mail Service Provider (MSP) and Mail Owners – Full-Service Certified Mailers:

A Mail Service Provider (MSP) offers a variety of solutions to prepare and present Full-Service presort mailings.  The MSPs and Mail Owners listed on the back page of this document have met the U.S. Postal Service™ Full-Service certification standards.  The list of MSPs and Mail Owners is updated as new MSPs and Mail Owners are certified; please check: https://ribbs.usps.gov/index.cfm?page=intelligentmail to ensure that you have the most current list of MSPs and Mail Owners that have been certified for Full-Service mailings.

Depending on the service level, size, complexity, and desired mailing/presort discount MSPs offer a variety of different services (some MSPs offer multiple levels of service).  All of these providers can help you mail at Full-Service. The following section identifies the differences in MSPs and Mail Owners.  Read more.