Pulls, Deletes, Mutes, Rejects, Spoils, Shorts, Spoilage….

Whatever you call them, these are pieces that get pulled from your mailings for a variety of reasons. Perhaps some of the mailpieces get damaged during processing, or you may run out of some of the mailpiece components before the job is finished.

How do you make the adjustments to report these types of spoilages or shortages in your electronic (eDoc) mailing submissions?

PostalOne! accepted reporting methods
Within the Mail.dat file set, there are three different files that may be used to report Spoilage/Shortage: the Piece Detail Record (PDR), the Piece Barcode Record (PBC) or the Postage Adjustment Record (PAR).

A Guide to Intelligent Mail for Letters and Flats from the USPS provides information on four (4) methods for reporting spoilages or shortages using PostalOne! The acceptable methods vary depending on the type of mailings you are processing – and only Method 4 (below) is allowed for postage-affixed mail.