PostalOne!® Mandatory Software Update Rescheduled

The United States Postal Service® (USPS®) postponed the mandatory software update for the PostalOne! production system from its original planned implementation date in October 2014. This update, which was again postponed from the planned November 9, 2014 date, will now be implemented on Sunday, November 30, 2014.

Why the update?
The USPS periodically makes updates to the PostalOne! system to incorporate enhancements and bug fixes. Major updates are performed when there are significant changes to postal rates and/or regulations, such as when the USPS increases their prices in January each year. There are usually at least four PostalOne! software updates during the year: January, April, July, and October. There may also be interim updates to PostalOne! for immediate fixes or other system issues.

Summary of some of the changes for the November 30 release:
• Nonprofit Authorization validation will include additional options of the Mail Owner Customer Reference ID (CRID) and Mail Owner Mailer ID (MID) in the electronic documentation (eDoc). Currently, only the Permit Number is used for this validation. This does not change the requirement for there to be a valid Nonprofit Authorization Number linked to the Mail Owner CRID, MID or Permit Number.
• The Customer Validation Tool will be enhanced with a “Bulk Search” capability. Mailers may enter up to 250 records in the input file to conduct the search. The input file must include a CRID, MID, Permit, or Nonprofit Authorization Number. The USPS will return an output file in Excel format with validated, corrected, or not found information.
• A variety of enhancements to the Business Reply Mail (BRM) system.
• Logic for postage assessment of Seamless Acceptance errors will be included in this release but the assessments will not be activated at that time. In January 2015, the dollar amounts will be shown for review purposes only, with planned implementation of actual assessments in April 2015, based on the mailings for the March 2015 calendar month. Bypass Seamless Acceptance functionality will no longer be supported by PostalOne!, but this field in the eDoc will remain in the Mail.dat specifications.
• New functionality added to the Online Enrollment via the Business Customer Gateway in order to facilitate accurate designation of a CRID when a customer attempts to add or modify a company name or business location.
• Corrections to known issues.

Details of the changes for these updates may be found on the USPS RIBBS® web site for the November 2014 changes.

Handling Change
When these types of changes are announced, it is important for mailers to pay attention to the outage periods so that you can make adjustments in your mailing operations to accommodate the downtime. It is also extremely important for mailers to download and install the USPS Mail.dat Client software (also sometimes referred to as MD Client or MDR Client) as soon as it is available. This software can be downloaded from the Business Customer Gateway web site. Mailers also need to make any associated updates or configuration changes to software that interfaces with PostalOne! once their Mail.dat Client software is updated. For example, if you use DAT-MAIL’s eDocs Manager Plus or EDM10X, you will need to edit the configuration for this in the Window Book Automation Scheduler.

The USPS sends out notifications of all PostalOne! outages and software updates using the DMM Advisory. You can subscribe to the DMM Advisory by sending an email to In addition, detailed information regarding the changes in the PostalOne! software are available on the USPS RIBBS web site. Also available on the RIBBS site are the planned release schedules for these updates.

Window Book offers our Professional Services to users who may need assistance to download and install the Mail.dat Client software from the USPS, or to make any necessary updates or configuration edits to your Window Book software when these PostalOne! updates occur.