Improving Your Mailer Scorecard Results

By now you are probably tired of hearing about the assessments the USPS® plans to implement starting in July 2016 for Full-Service® mailings exceeding the published error thresholds. Tired of hearing about it, and probably more than a little bit nervous. How can you tell what the impact of these assessments will be for your company? Where do you get the information about how well your mailings are complying with the rules and thresholds? And, how do you go about improving areas where your mailings are exceeding the thresholds? Even if your files are successfully transmitted to PostalOne!®, that does not necessarily mean there aren’t still errors in your files. That’s right…errors can still exist, even if you don’t receive any error messages from PostalOne! How the heck are you supposed to find out what these errors are? That is where the Mailer Scorecard comes in.

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