Submitting eDoc for USPS Promotions

Virtually all of the USPS® Promotions and Incentives programs require that mailings be submitted electronically into PostalOne!®. Because of this, we often get questions from mailers regarding what specific data needs to be in the Mail.dat® files to claim the incentives, or, how to troubleshoot issues when submitting these files to PostalOne!

Promotion and Incentive Eligibility
Mail Owners and Mail Service Providers (MSPs) need to become familiar with the eligibility and enrollment requirements for the various promotions and incentive programs. The requirements are different for each program, so it is important to access the requirements guide for each individual program.

Eligibility may be dependent on the class of mail, processing category, Full-Service participation, postage payment method, previous mail volumes, and many other variables – not to mention the content of the mailpieces themselves.

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