Counting The Steps

You’ve probably heard the advice from fitness experts: count the steps you walk during the course of a day; the more steps you take, the better your fitness level will be. In fact, these experts encourage people to add steps to their daily routine in order to help increase fitness levels. This is definitely sound advice for your physical fitness, but what about the steps you take in your daily work processes? We’re not talking about footsteps here, but process steps. In that case, the total opposite is true: the fewer process steps you perform, the more productive you are – and this is especially true for routine, redundant tasks. We often hear from mailers who say that they only use electronic documentation (eDoc) for Full-Service mailings, and that they use hard copy for everything else because eDoc is not required. At first blush that may make sense, but the reality is that going back and forth between eDoc and hard copy is actually creating extra steps.

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Tray-based Co-Palletization for Standard Mail®

One of the ways mailers of Standard Mail® can lower their postage costs while improving delivery service is to co-palletize their mail either in-house or through a logistics company.  Tray-based Co-palletization (sometimes referred to as “Co-Tray” mailing) supports deeper penetration into the postal system by bypassing a number of postal processing steps.  This also allows mailers to benefit from greater postage discounts, better tracking and more consistent and timely delivery of their mail.

Tray-based Co-palletization allows for even a small number of trays that qualify for SCF discounts to be palletized with trays from other jobs and clients to make pallets that meet USPS minimums for SCF entry so they can avoid minimum transportation charges.  Mailers are leaving a “surprisingly” great deal of money on the table by not understanding “Tray-based Co-palletization”.

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