Intelligent Mail® barcodes: eDoc adds value to your mail

eDoc and Intelligent Mail barcodes are powerful technologies that take your mailings to an entirely new world – an electronic world that promises automation, less manual labor, more efficiency, and even better service from the USPS®. For example, Intelligent Mail barcodes increase visibility for your mailings to the USPS and when necessary, the Postal Service can quickly find and fix a missing or stuck pallet after it enters the mail stream.

Non-IMb mail is much harder and takes more time for the USPS to find and fix.  The Full-Service IMb on containers and handling units are like “license plates” that tell the Postal Service where the mail is at any point in the process. This enables the USPS to be more efficient and serve the mailer better. By creating eDoc and using IMb’s, you will be able to save time by communicating with the Postal Service in almost real-time to speed acceptance and verification, eliminate the need to print and provide hard copy postage statements, reduce manual labor, reduce paper storage costs, and access mailing transactions online 24/7.

eDoc and IMb’s are requirements for Intelligent Mail Full-Service, Seamless Acceptance, and eInduction which will in turn utilize these techniques to help standardize verification, acceptance, and payment processes for all the parties in the postal world. All of these technologies add value to your mail, create operational efficiencies and competitive
advantages. Adopt Intelligent Mail Full-Service today if you don’t want to be left behind in the electronic world. Instead of thinking of Full-Service as a requirement, you should embrace it as an innovative technology that will help you run a more successful business.