USPS IMsb Tool Creates Controversy

From the moment the Postal Service announced their new Intelligent Mail Small Business (IMsb) tool at the National Postal Forum, members of the mailing industry have been pushing back.  And hard.  Their belief is that the USPS has no business creating a competitive offering and entering into the world of direct marketing data processing services.  Leading the way is the Mailing Software Developers Group (MSDG) from IDEAlliance.  First off was a letter from IDEAlliance to Post Master General Pat Donahue.  Then MSDG began a series of meetings with high-ranking executives from the Postal Service – the latest one earlier today – but, so far, nothing has changed.  The latest outcome from today’s meeting was another promise from the USPS to look into things by creating an internal briefing sheet to discuss the industry’s cares and concerns – with the guess that it could take up to 2 weeks to process that. 

Check back tomorrow for a description of IMsb and more details on the mailing industry’s concerns.