Accessing Your Mailer Scorecard

With all the talk about the upcoming assessments that the United States Postal Service® (USPS®) is planning to begin in November 2016 (based on October data), we are strongly encouraging mailers to review their Mailer Scorecard data frequently. So, what if you have never accessed your Mailer Scorecard data before? Don’t feel badly, you are not alone! Today’s e-Tip is a primer on how to access your Mailer Scorecard so that you can be analyzing your mailing performance and taking corrective action before those assessments kick in.

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Full-Service Certified MSPs / Mail Owner Information Sheet

Mail Service Provider (MSP) and Mail Owners – Full-Service Certified Mailers:

A Mail Service Provider (MSP) offers a variety of solutions to prepare and present Full-Service presort mailings.  The MSPs and Mail Owners listed on the back page of this document have met the U.S. Postal Service™ Full-Service certification standards.  The list of MSPs and Mail Owners is updated as new MSPs and Mail Owners are certified; please check: to ensure that you have the most current list of MSPs and Mail Owners that have been certified for Full-Service mailings.

Depending on the service level, size, complexity, and desired mailing/presort discount MSPs offer a variety of different services (some MSPs offer multiple levels of service).  All of these providers can help you mail at Full-Service. The following section identifies the differences in MSPs and Mail Owners.  Read more.