Assessments for eInduction Program to begin in May

The United States Postal Service (USPS) announced at the recent Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) meetings that assessments for errors above published thresholds for eInduction mailings will begin in May 2017. The assessments will be based on April 2017 mailing data, and the invoice reports will be issued on May 11, 2017. The assessment process will mirror the process currently in place for the Full-Service® assessments.

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Window Book Releases New PostalOne! Automation Solution: PostalWeb™

June 17, 2015, Cambridge, MA

Window Book, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of their latest breakthrough technology, PostalWeb, which improves the efficiency of mailing operations by automating the transfer of PostalOne!® documents and data back to the mailer.

Mailers can now use PostalWeb to automate retrieval of unpaid and finalized postage statements from PostalOne!. In addition, mailers can also automatically receive Barcoded Confirmation Pages, which can be scanned by USPS acceptance personnel, and important postage statement data in an XML format. This data can be used by both mailers and mail owners to automate entry of postage data into internal systems. In addition to automated document and data distribution, PostalWeb has an innovative eDoc dashboard which is mobile friendly and provides a unique view of e-doc submissions that has been designed for mailers.

PostalWeb, when used in conjunction with Window Book’s eDM10X™ software for automatically uploading Mail.dat® files into PostalOne!, provides an end-to-end fully automated PostalOne! solution.

“Window Book is all for increasing productivity by automating systems. Our first test site reports saving over 14 man-hours per week just by not having to go to PostalOne! to retrieve the finalized statements they need. According to their accounting department this adds up to over $700 in savings per week! That’s a savings of over $36,000 per year just using the first version of PostalWeb!,” said Jeffery Peoples, Window Book’s CEO.

“The really amazing thing about PostalWeb is that it automates the retrieval of our finalized postage statements from PostalOne! saving our CSR’s a ton of time” said Robert Dorre, Mailing & Logistics Support for World Marketing, Inc.

“We are continually looking for better ways for mailers to automate systems and create more freedom and effeciencies in the process. I am certain many mailers will realize tremendous time and labor savings from using PostalWeb and increase their profitability in the process” added Peoples.

Mailers who wish to see and learn more about PostalWeb are encouraged to call 800-524-0380 or email to learn how they can benefit from using PostalWeb in their workflow process.

About Window Book:
Window Book is currently celebrating its 27th year helping clients manage their operations more profitably. We help you to: Streamline mail processes to reduce operational costs and increase productivity! Implement Full-Service and Seamless Acceptance to minimize the risk of downstream quality issues and be in a better position to defend your preparation processes. Grow with Emerging Technologies. Automate Your PostalOne! Submissions. Move to the Cloud to Optimize Your Operations. Use Your Data to keep up with competition.

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Window Book, Inc.
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Cambridge, MA 02139-3781
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Complimentary Webinar: USPS Changes for Fall 2014

More changes are coming for the rest of 2014. Do you know what they are?

Even though the USPS® has deferred the requirement for Full-Service, the USPS is making this a requirement for participation and eligibility in many programs. There are postage statement changes coming up, back-to-back mandatory PostalOne! updates, Mail.dat and Mail.XML specification changes, changes in Mail Owner postage statement display data, changes in nonprofit authorization number linkage, potential Seamless Acceptance postage penalties…are you prepared for all of this change?

Join Window Book for a timely, informative webinar on the many postal changes coming up this fall that you may NOT be aware of. Don’t miss this one!

Title: USPS Changes for Fall 2014
Date: Wednesday, August 13, 2014
Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

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