News Byte: USPS Appeals the PRC’s Intelligent Mail Barcode Decision

In its decision approving the CPI postal rate increase in early December, the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) simultaneously shot down the U.S. Postal Service’s request to expand full-service Intelligent Mail barcode requirements. As a result, mailers emerged from the holiday season with at least one gift from Postal authorities, but now even that’s not so sure.  Read more.

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USPS pushes for IMb requirement.

Postal Service wins 6% rate increase

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Postal Service’s regulator approved price increases amounting to 6 percent on most mail, a step the service’s board called a “last resort” forced by Congress’ failure to pass cost-cutting legislation.

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Posted by Angela Greiling Keane and Alan Levin, Bloomberg News

PRC Approves Postal Service Request for Exigent Rate Increase

PRC Approves Postal Service Request for Exigent Rate Increase;
Rejects Permanent Price Increases

December 24, 2013

Washington, DC – Today the Postal Regulatory Commission issued Order No. 1926 in Docket R2013-11 partially approving a request by the Postal Service for an exigent rate increase to offset losses suffered as a result of the Great Recession of 2008-2009.

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International and Domestic Market Dominant Federal Register Notices

Today the proposed International and Domestic Market Dominant Federal Register Notices for the January 2014 price change were posted on under the Federal Register Notices tab of the left-hand side. The official 30 day comment period will start once the Federal Register Office reopens and posts these notices on the web site. We look forward to feedback from the mailing industry.


PRC Rejects USPS Exigency Rate Case!!

The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) just announced it has unanimously rejected the USPS request for an exigency rate increase. 


Check out these links for full details:’s%20Statement%20R2010-4%20decision_1395.pdf


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