Resolving Postal Issues

As complex as the mailing rates and regulations are, it is little wonder that at some point mailers will take issue with a ruling from their local Post Office or in-house Detached Mail Unit (DMU). Although it is always best to try to head off these situations before the mailing occurs, that is not always possible, particularly given the rapid pace of change in postal requirements.

Start at the local level
When a situation occurs where a mailer disagrees with a local Post Office ruling, it is always best to try to work it out at the local level. For this reason, we highly encourage mailers to develop and maintain good relationships with multiple postal staff members at the local level.  Inviting these people to your mailing facility for meetings and tours is extremely beneficial in helping them to understand how your business works and what the impacts are when mail acceptance is delayed or additional postage assessed.

Mailers should also get to know their local Business Mail Entry (BME) office staff, as well as the clerks who are staffed at the BME and/or the in-house DMU.  It is also helpful to develop and maintain a good working relationship with your local Mailpiece Design Analyst.  These people can be a wealth of information and assistance during the design and production stages of your mailpieces.

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