Will You be Ready for the January Postal Price Increases and Mail.dat 14-1?

In just barely more than a month, the USPS® will implement their annual price increases for mailing and shipping products. At that same time, a new Mail.dat® specification will be implemented: version 14-1. The current Mail.dat specification is version 13-1.

PostalOne!® will be updated in January 2014 to accommodate the new prices as well as the new 14-1 Mail.dat version. Mailers will need to be prepared to submit the new postage statements and the new Mail.dat file version.

The chart below shows the PostalOne! timelines for the various postage statement versions and Mail.dat file versions.

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Union denounces Canada Post’s plan to end doorstep mail delivery

Posted by Presort.com on 12/13/13

 Canada’s postal union has described Canada Post’s plan to end door-to-door mail delivery as “short-sighted and foolish”.

The Crown Corporation yesterday announced a five-point strategy to pull itself out of financial dire straits, including plans to stop delivering mail to individual households, in favour of community mailboxes.

The move would affect about a third of Canadian homes, with most Canadian households already receiving their mail and parcels through community or grouped mailboxes.

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